Useful Things to bring

Before you leave, here is a list of things useful to bring apart from your surfing equipment:
• Towel.
• Waterproof sunscreen is highly recommended. We are right on the equator.
• Mosquito Repellent. We have at the resort but you are welcome to bring your own.
• Raincoat could be useful for rainy days.
• Cash for beers  (25000 IDR/beer) and
• Original passport and photocopy of your passport
• Travel insurance
• books to read while relaxing.
• Malaria pills. This is your choice, some guests take Malaria pills prophylactic others bring as standby medication. If unsure, please consult your doctor.
• Anti allergies.
• Antibiotics for reef cuts.


You might not necessarily actually need or use all of these items, but it’s recommendable to have them with you.